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This piece of art is the personal homepage of Øyvind Skaar. Currently it's mostly a collection of links and aggregated information from other places on the net, and of course, a testing ground for whatever I'm interested in at the moment.

Until recently I was a graduate student at the University of Oslo and University Graduate Center (UNIK). In my thesis I looked at security problems in massively multiplayer games and the use of trusted computing to fix them (pdf).

Current interests


Security have been a interest and hobby for a long time. Especially computer security, but physical as well. Right now videos from Defcon 18 are on the way \o/ (but not yet).
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(that is, "modern" perl, not cgi scripts from '90)
After writing perl for a little while it has become my favourite language.. Sure, Ruby and Python are fun as well, but they do lack.. something.

NoSQL, open source messaging, web-backend-related things

Because RDBMS' suddenly are useless ;)



Often think it would be cool to know some js and jquery or maybe yui, so I got some reading material.. have to see where it leads



http://www.linkedin.com/in/oskaar http://twitter.com/oyvindsk bookmarks at delicious.com http://www.facebook.com/oyvind.skaar music profile at last.fm


There's (going to be) some code at was.id.ly/coding as well as bitbucket and/or github. I'm currently quite active on Stackoverflow.



Current CV



Mention @oyvindsk or follow me and send a direct message.


Please send emails to oyvindska -- gmail dot com


More or less active on irc.perl.org: #mojo, #perl.no, ircnet: #ping.uio.no, and efnet: #ifi@uio.no.
(you should be able to guess my nick ;)